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Thai Gourmet by Nong brings authentic Thai cuisine to the heart of the Texas Hill Country, offering a weekly menu of delicious meals for take-out as well as anytime catering services for your special events. Of course, we also have our famous Cucumber salsa and Thai sauces so you can have a taste of the Far East in your own home any time you would like! Please click each of the menu items above to get your tastebuds started on a tantalizing journey to Thailand.

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About Thai Gourmet

Thai Gourmet is based in Dripping Springs, Texas, home of owner and chef Nong Weitzel for over 30 years. Cooking has always come naturally to Nong, and she's been passionate about it for as long as she can remember, creating delicious and nutritious meals for her family and friends over the many years.

On weekends, she would get together with friends from Thailand and cook their native dishes. Each time the cooking parties ended, Nong would think about how little Asian food she'd seen around her small hometown and wonder how the meat-and-potatoes-loving folks of the Hill Country would respond to Thai cuisine. It became Nong's dream to offer the unique and exotic flavors of her homeland to her new home, and in 2007, she finally made that a reality.

Nong decided to keep things simple with Thai Gourmet, making dishes available via the Dripping Springs Farmer's Market, each week with a different, diverse menu. At the request of her growing customer base, she developed a small series of flavorful ready-cooked Thai curry sauces alongside her fantastic peanut sauce to sell foruse any time. These sauces are the sames one she uses each week in her Farmer's Market menus. And, of course, this includes her now famous Cucumber Salsa with wonton chips, a culinary experience fit for any palate.



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